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Be the Centre of Attention by Donning Exquisite Matha Patti - Ajnaa Jewels

The beauty of an Indian bride is unmatchable. She appears no less than a princess heading down the aisle, adorned with Solah Shringar. Matha Patti, a piece of traditional head jewellery, is often used by brides to adorn their beautiful heads on their wedding day. It is one of those ornaments that help them stand out from the crowd.

What began as a regal tradition has now become widespread, with almost every bride sporting a bridal matha patti. While its origins are rooted in Rajasthani culture, creative designers from all over the country have introduced a myriad of designs and styles.

As new styles and designs of these accessories are coming into the picture constantly, the traditional idea of it being donned only by the bride has evolved with time, just like women's fashion. These fascinating jewellery pieces have also been sported by bridesmaids and wedding guests for celebrations and wedding functions, making them the perfect head jewellery to make a style statement.

A wide assortment of matha patti at Ajnaa Jewels can be great to accentuate your beauty and be the centre of attention. Whether you need a minimal or a highly embellished look, you will find numerous options at our online store. We are known to fuse traditional crafts with the vibrancy of modern designs sprinkled with our own inimitable touch.

Jazz up your Outfit with the Perfect Matha Patti

Wedding season is here, and most brides-to-be must be thinking about what to don on the wedding day. Every piece of bridal jewellery contributes to making your appearance unique and stand out. Let us find some major ways to pick the perfect matha patti.

Matha Patti for a Round Face

We all have different facial features. Round-faced women have small foreheads and accentuated cheeks. Choose a matha patti that slightly covers your forehead for a perfect balance. Complete your ensemble by pairing chandbali earrings.

Matha Patti for a Square Face

Square-faced women possess sharp features which steal attention. A matha patti can be the perfect piece of jewellery to create a gentler look for the special day. Try a 'not too big' matha patti for a perfect look. Elevate your fashion jewellery sense by donning a few modern jewellery pieces.

Matha Patti for an Oval Face

You are lucky people who can wear any form of head jewellery on their wedding day. Since the oval-shaped face is the most versatile to play with, opting for any matha patti jewellery won't be a bad choice. You will surely exude glamour.

Explore a plethora of designer jewellery at the Ajnaa store.


What is Matha Patti?

It is a type of traditional head accessory worn alternatively to the maang tikka. Brides usually wear it on their wedding day.

When should we wear Matha Patti?

Heavy matha patti should be worn by brides, while anyone can wear simpler ones on any auspicious occasion. If you want to buy traditional matha patti, Ajnaa Jewels is the site for you.

How many types of Matha Patti are there?

There are multilayer, single string, thick and double string matha pattis.