Our Ajnaa Devi is an epitome of beauty, resilience and impeccable style. She glides through all occasions in her various avatars by wearing a bold tikka with a brighter bolder ring or even an ultra feminine Chand Bali’s transporting her to the Mughal courts.

And then needless to say our Ajnaa bride who is intriguing, immersing and ever enchanting steps into her magical world with our heavy , finely set bridal sets.

The Amalfi Way

‘The Amalfi Way’ is the best way to go this summer with sparkling zirconia jewellery in gold, rose gold and silver metal tones. As the sunlight glistens of these gems, we are reminded of the sunrays hitting the ocean waves on a breezy day at the beach along the picturesque coast of Amalfi.

You can be anywhere in the world, working in your office or attending a brunch with your girls, but carrying a little bit of this sparkle will work its wonders to make your day lit! After all, you CAN get anything if you dress for it.