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Add a Dash of Modernity to Your Ensemble with Cocktail Rings - Ajnaa Jewels

People often say small is beautiful, but we disagree. People are drawn to enormous and oversized objects, as evidenced by the archives and chronicles of jewellery. Over a period of time, enormous jewellery pieces became quite popular and established new industry trends. Cocktail rings often called cluster rings or dinner rings, are a great example.

These elegantly big rings, which were popular a few decades ago, are making a resurgence these days. A cocktail ring is a huge ring that possesses a large stone in the centre encircled by many smaller precious and semi-precious stones. People started calling these pieces of jewellery 'cocktail rings' as they were often worn by women at cocktail parties when they first became fashionable. 

The origin of these rings can date back to a significant period in the history of the United States, also known as the Prohibition era. During the second decade of the 20th century, the government banned the consumption of alcoholic beverages, which resulted in the rise of illegal cocktail parties. Moreover, this period also saw vast social changes as a part of women's liberation movements.

Ajnaa Jewels feature a myriad of cocktail rings for women with fascinating designs. Our stunning assortment has rings made of several semi-precious stones, such as pearls, coral, feroza, and red zade, to name a few. 

Flaunt your Style Everywhere with Cocktail Rings

Generally, a stunning cocktail ring is donned on the ring or middle finger of the right hand. However, celebrities and fashion influencers have set a new trend. They have started sporting it on the pinky or index finger. Thus, do whatever feels perfect to you. You can also don a bracelet for a fascinating appearance.

If you are not sure, give this huge ring enough space to stand alone on your hand, most styles and designs have enough flair for that. 

When wearing a cocktail ring, keep in mind that if the jewellery piece has a complex design, simple and minimalist clothes will work very well. 

Cocktail rings don't have to be reserved for special occasions. Large pieces make excellent office fashion accessories. They can be the perfect accessory for office meetings and conferences. Flaunt your personality and be the centre of attention. Explore a wide range of artificial jewellery online at the Ajnaa store.


Can cocktail rings be worn every day?

Cocktail rings can be worn every day but should be taken off when washing hands or going to bed to ensure the quality stays the same, and no damage is caused to the finger.

On which finger do we wear a cocktail ring?

A cocktail ring can be worn on the index, middle and ring fingers. If you are looking to get a cocktail ring, Ajnaa Jewels is a good site to check out.

Why are cocktail rings popular?

Cocktail rings are popular for their size and boldness. This artificial jewellery goes well with traditional wear but can also be worn to bring an Indian spin to western wear. Ajnaa jewels is a great site if you’re looking to buy artificial jewellery online.