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Attract the Spotlight with Statement Necklace for Women - Ajnaa Jewels

Every event, be it a grand wedding or sangeet ceremony, deserves a statement accessory. The neck is our most elegantly styled asset, and all you need is an alluring statement necklace to elevate its beauty to the maximum level.

A statement or traditional necklace is super stunning and adds a lot of dimension to your outfits. A good statement necklace is always eye-catching and has the remarkable ability to articulate a lot with just one piece, making it a must-have accessory for women.

At Ajnaa Jewels, you will be fascinated by our designer statement necklaces collection, which has been meticulously designed to suit your tastes and occasions. It is no wonder that statement jewellery transforms an outfit's overall atmosphere and donning it with simple attire intensifies its effect. If a striking gold plated choker necklace is on your buying list, we have a beautiful assortment for you.

Finest Ways to Style A Statement Necklace

Elevate a Simple Outfit

Don a simple tee with an alluring statement necklace to seamlessly transform your outfit. A Meenakari necklace with emerald beads would go great with an all-black ensemble. Moreover, it will amp up your new bridal jewellery set.

Don with V-Necks

Pair a statement necklace with a V-neckline top or dress, particularly one with a tiered structure that matches the curve of the shirt. This combination will help you stand out from the crowd. Sport artificial earrings to stand out.

Layer it Up

Who says you can't try different necklaces at the same time? To make an even bigger impression, stack a few marriage jewels together. Try around with a couple to see which ones complement each other the best. To add some balance, layer a smaller necklace with a statement piece, or go with two chunky necklaces to grab even more attention. Paring personalised bracelets will accentuate your personality.

Stay Classic

Since stripes have one basic pattern, they are ideal for statement necklaces. A beaded necklace looks ageless with a black striped shirt or outfit. To give the outfit extra dimension, don a pearl statement necklace. Ajnaa makes jewellery online shopping effortless.


What is the meaning of a statement necklace?

Statement necklaces give you a way to portray your character through jewellery. They are usually hand-crafted jewellery.

How do I choose a statement necklace?

Base your statement necklace on the style of the outfit and how you want it to flow with the outfit. If you’re someone looking to expand your jewellery collection, check out Ajnaa Jewels.

Where can I buy a unique statement necklace?

Statement necklaces let you flaunt your style at every event. If you want to stand apart from the crowd with a statement necklace, Ajnaa can be a great place to buy jewellery online. They have a great collection of statement necklaces to choose from.