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Nath for Women: The Most Elegant yet Stylish Accessory - Ajnaa Jewels

A nath for women is not only a piece of jewellery but the best companion for women. Being one of the traditional jewellery pieces of the country, nath never fails to accentuate the overall beauty of the wearer. Be it a minimal or highly intricate piece, the fashion jewellery always amps up the style quotient while taking the ensemble to the next level. 

Gone are the days when women used to pair naths only with ethnic outfits. These days, the jewellery pieces can be paired with a myriad of outfits. Sporting a nath with your western wear will help you make a bold statement. During the olden days, wearing a nath was considered a status symbol. However, with a myriad of options available these days, it is sported by almost every woman. 

If you want to add these evergreen accessories to your lovely jewellery collection, Ajnaa Jewels can be the perfect destination for you. Whether you adore intricate designs or love donning simple pieces, our assortment of naths will never fail to impress you. Explore fascinating designs and buy nath online from the Ajnaa Store. 

The Perfect Guide to Choose the Most Elegant Naths

A bride-to-be has to focus on numerous things. She has to be perfect with everything from diet, outfits, makeup, and jewellery. Women often overlook the significance of the perfect nath. Thus, we are here to help you with our detailed guide for different face shapes. 

For Long Face

Women with long faces tend to adorn themselves with a highly embellished necklace and maang tikka. Want to take your looks to the moon? Sport a round nath with elaborate detailing. Furthermore, opt for a nath that focuses on increasing its breadth. 

For Oval Face 

Women with oval faces are considered blessed souls since everything looks fascinating on their faces. A not-so-big nath would look amazing on an oval face. To be the centre of attention, go for nath with a charming chain. Complete your jewellery set by sporting a fascinating kundan necklace.

For Round Face

The best way to adorn your round face and create an illusion of a long face is to go for a nath that doesn’t look round on your face. You can also remove the chain, as it will make your face look slightly wider. Statement earrings would complement your nath. 


Why do girls wear Nath?

Traditionally, the nath is worn by the bride on her wedding day. Wearing a traditional nath can be a great way to add an ethnic touch to your appearance.

Which side of the nose should Nath be worn?

The nath should be worn on the left side of the nose. If you are looking to buy a nath, check out Ajnaa Jewels for beautiful naths at good prices.

Can I wear a Nath Without a nose piercing?

Yes, you can find an artificial nath that just requires pressing on instead of piercing.