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Amp Up your Festive Outfits with Rani Haar for Women - Ajnaa Jewels

Adding the quintessential traditional whiff and elegant royal feels to a bride's appearance, rani haar jewellery has been an integral part of a bride's ensemble for ages. These haars completely elevate the bridal look, giving those rani feelings, as the name says, with a wide range of designs & styles available, ranging from a satlada to those with many strings & enormous pendants and with a broad ghera.

Furthermore, these sorts of jewellery can be considered heirloom jewellery as they are crafted of all precious materials and tell a tale about one's ancestor, passed down from one generation to another. The elegance and charm of this necklace lie in its multiple layers, which generally include pearls and semi-precious stones. A ranihaar set is often known by different names such as Sita Hara and Haram in different parts of the country.

At Ajnaa Jewels, you can explore a myriad of rani haar crafted with the finest of stones such as barium, emeralds, green jade, tourmaline, and many more. Furthermore, we understand the sentiment you have for the rani haar that has been passed down through the generations in your family. We redesign the piece by elevating its look, keeping the sentimentality intact.

Stylish Ways to Don Rani Haar Like a True Princess

Let us find out some fascinating ways to don this beautiful piece of necklace for women.

Rani Haar with Choker Neckpieces

Pairing rani haar with a choker neckpiece is one of the best ways to wear it. While a choker neckpiece is donned around the neck, rani haar is worn over the chest. This creates a space between the two necklaces, allowing neither to camouflage the other.

Elegance at its Best

Are you planning to wear your rani haar at a pre-wedding ceremony? Simply pair it with basic and minimalistic drop earrings for women to get many compliments.

Layer Up with Similar Stones and Colours

The bride teamed up in stunning polki, and an emerald neckpiece with a matching polki and emerald rani haar will look so alluring. In addition, add magnetic earrings to complete the traditional jewellery set for weddings.


What is a rani haar necklace?

A rani haar necklace is a kind of traditional necklace for women. Rani haar directly translates to the necklace of a queen.

Is rani haar heavy?

Since rani haar necklaces are more elongated in design compared to other necklaces, they are a bit heavy. The weight of the necklace also depends on the material they are made of. Include it in your artificial jewellery set to stand apart from the crowd.