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Add Oomph to your Looks With Artificial Rings for Women - Ajnaa Jewels

Sprucing up the appearance becomes easy with an artificial ring. This is due to the fact that rings are easy to wear and come in a variety of styles to complement a variety of occasions and outfits. There are numerous ways of donning rings. They are designed primarily to make women stunning.

People have been sporting these fascinating hand jewellery since the dawn of time. Around 2,500 BC, the earliest known rings were worn by the people of the Mesopotamian civilization. Egyptian queens wore bracelets, necklaces, and rings. The ring was seen as a status symbol by the Greeks and Romans. Moreover, women have been donning rings for several centuries.

Ajnaa Jewels understand the significance of rings in women's life. We revisit old crafts and merge them with the vivacity of current trends, all while adding our unique twist. We have mastered the art of crafting semi-precious stones into heritage chic designs. You will find a myriad of women's hand jewellery for wedding, such as haathphool and cocktail rings, on the Ajnaa website. Let us explore the fascinating collection.

Don these Stunning Rings to Elevate your Looks

Ajnaa's designer rings for women are exquisite in style, colour, and artistry. These jewellery pieces have phenomenal shapes blended and refined with unconventional contours and finished with exquisite styling. Pair them with traditional, casual outfits to stand out from the crowd.


Jewellery is one of the most significant elements of a woman's wardrobe. However, among all jewellery pieces, one item deserves special attention, owing to its simple design and yet exquisite appearance. We are referring to the haathphool that women get to wear on their special day. At Ajnaa, this piece of jewellery is crafted from semi-precious stones such as pearls and zirconia.

Cocktail Rings

Some often say small is beautiful, but we disagree with the notion. Women are attracted to large and oversized pieces of jewellery, and the history of Indian jewellery testifies to this. From time to time, large jewellery pieces became extremely popular and created new trends in the market. Cocktail rings for women, commonly referred to as cluster rings, are a good example. These fascinating rings feature kundan, enamel, and meenakari craftsmanship.


Is it OK to wear rings all the time?

Rings with minimal embellishments are considered perfect to wear all the time. They complement a wide range of outfits.

How tight should a ring be?

A ring should be tight enough not to slip off your finger but loose enough for it to slide on and off with ease. Explore a huge assortment of rings on Ajnaa Jewels.