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Bridal Jewellery Set to Make your Wedding Special - Ajnaa

The bride, draped in her finery and adorned with the best of bridal jewellery and carrying a lovely smile, is a treat to watch as she walks down the aisle. For such a longing moment, a bride-to-be will only want the best to enrich her beauty at the wedding. The finery resonates with the ceremonious setting of her wedding and the treasure that links with her feelings as a bride.

For a much-awaited time, we at Ajnaa have created a special assortment of designer artificial jewellery that demonstrates nothing but exquisite grandiosity that echoes the luxuriant artisanship in its intricacies.

Head-to-Toe Bridal Jewellery At Ajnaa

Our imitation jewellery for wedding has been thoughtfully rendered, carefully crafted, and consciously designed to showcase only the best range of jewels to suit the bride who is seeking something unique that compliments her beauty. They not only catch the eye at first glance but also portray the legacy through the skillfully carved designs and etches. .

Maang Tikka - Maang Tikka, the focal point of the bridal face, stands proudly in the centre, crowning the bride.

Matha Patti - The bride's face is wonderfully framed from ear to ear by the precisely crafted runs of chains, enhancing her beauty.

Nath - The exquisite piece of traditional jewellery that adorns a bride's nose in a royal yet enticing way.

Earrings - The dainty piece of jewellery adorns your ears.

Necklace - A fine piece of jewellery donned around the neck that communicates wealth, prestige, and power.

Rings - The most precious item of jewellery that has been a token of commitment for centuries.

Haathphool - A royal piece of jewellery donned on the reverse side of the palm.

Become the Perfect Bride with these Styling Tips

The most challenging task for a bride is to manage her lavish clothing. But remember, you are the night's diva, and here's how to make the most of your jewellery:

  • Don a new fashion jewellery set in a colour that contrasts with your lehenga.
  • Put considerable thought and effort into selecting your wedding ring. You may not wear your bridal jewellery set all of the time; however, the ring will remain on your finger for the rest of your life.
  • Keep an eye on all recent fashion trends to never look out of style on your special day.
  • Incorporate some classic elements into your reception look. Go for jewellery pieces such as ethnic earrings.

At Ajnaa, we understand the sentiments and emotions you may have for the jewellery pieces passed down generations in your family. We redesign jewellery pieces by giving them a modern twist. Thus, Ajnaa is the perfect destination if you want to design your own jewellery.


Which site is best for bridal jewellery?

Bridal jewellery needs to be enchanting and appealing. The pieces should make you the centre of attention. If you are a bride-to-be and looking for an artificial heavy bridal jewellery set that lets you stand out, shop online on the Ajnaa Jewels website.

Why choose artificial jewellery for a bride?

Artificial jewellery is considered perfect for brides since it adds elegance to their look. Moreover, they can look stylish and alluring without putting any burden on the pockets.

What are the different types of bridal jewellery?

Long necklaces, statement earrings, kadas, haathphool, bangles, and chokers, are a few major types of bridal jewellery.