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Complete your Ensemble by Donning Head Accessory - Ajnaa Jewels

The most expressive part of our body is our face. It reflects our thoughts and feelings. It is the first thing people notice, and it deserves to be highlighted fascinatingly and attractively. Head jewellery pieces such as maang tikka and maatha patti are the most traditional but impactful ornaments that dazzle at each event and draw attention to our faces. Moreover, nothing can beat the elegance of passa and sahara pieces, these pieces have also made a special place in every woman’s jewellery collection.

At Ajnaa, we have a wide range of quality head jewellery for bride, including matha patti, maang tikka, passa, and many more to help you channel your inner fashionista. Our unique collection is ideal for modern women since they feature a fusion of tradition and chic.

The Exclusive Collection of Head Accessory on Ajnaa Jewels

Head jewellery was known to be donned by brides since it signified strength, knowledge and power. The context of donning the fascinating piece of jewellery has changed over the decades, the amount of elegance it imparts to the face has not.

They have become a must-have accessory for any function or celebration since they boost our entire appearance and beautify our faces. They are no longer just a classic ornament, but also a modern accessory for women. Let us find out more about the fascinating collection.

Maang Tikka

For a long time, the maang tikka was designed to cover the sixth chakra on the forehead. As per yogic doctrines, this chakra, known as the Ajna, is the seat of wealth or knowledge. Nothing has changed in the modern era, maang tikka still covers the vital part of the forehead. Don this piece of jewellery to amp up your bridal appearance. Ajnaa can be the perfect destination for maang tikka online.

Maatha Patti

A maang tikka is frequently confused with a maatha patti. They are fundamentally different ornaments, but they are typically donned together as they complement each other. A maatha patti, unlike a maang tikka, outlines the hairline on the forehead. You can sport a matha patti bridal jewellery to elevate the beauty of your ensemble.


For as long as we can remember, passas have been one of the most popular pieces of festivals and bridal jewellery. They have been around for decades and are one of the most elegant pieces of jewellery a bride can wear on her wedding day. Passas, unlike maang tikka, are worn on the side of the head and are often adorned with pearls, kundans, and other gemstones.


Indian brides are gorgeous! Every single piece of jewellery they don is chosen carefully. Matching every minor detail of their outfit from head to toe, they never miss out on even the least of her accessories. Saharas are one of those accessories that accentuate the ensemble. You will find a wide variety of artificial jewellery set on the Ajnaa website.


What is the name of bridal hair accessories?

There are quite a few bridal head jewellery such as the maang tikka, maatha patti, passa and sahara.

What is considered a hair accessory?

A hair accessory is a type of jewellery that is worn by twisting or pinning into the hair. Ajnaa Jewels sell a variety of traditional bridal head jewellery.

What is the purpose of hair accessories?

Hair accessories usually have religious significance and are worn for special occasions, like a bride on her wedding day.