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Green & White Pearls Nath

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Red & White Pearl Nath

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White Pearls & Kundan Nath

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Red Green & White Pearl Nath

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Ornate Nath

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White Moti Petal Kundan Nath

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Manifest your Elegance with Fascinating Nose Accessories - Ajnaa Jewels

Nose rings are considered one of the most classic yet stylish styles of Indian jewellery that define a woman's overall appearance. They come in a myriad of styles, from sophisticated to bold. An artificial nose pin makes women look charming and confident and lets them flaunt their looks. Moreover, they are easy to carry and contribute to adding elegance to a woman's face.

Indian women have been adorning themselves with the most beautiful jewellery from head to toe since ancient times. A designer nath is one of those jewellery pieces that has been around for centuries and became popular during the Mughal Empire. Nose rings, often known as 'naths' in North India, are a significant element of bridal jewellery. For married women in the South, the nose stud, or 'mookkuththi,' has long been seen as a symbol of tradition and class.

Ajnaa is the ideal place for all imitation jewellery related needs. We strive for the 'personal touch' in a market flooded with mass-produced goods, both in terms of jewellery designing and connecting with our discerning clientele. We have a fantastic collection of nose accessories for women. You can define your overall look by choosing the finest pieces.

Designer Naths: A Number of Ways to Add Elegance to your Face

At Ajnaa Jewels, we have a myriad of fascinating nose accessories. The pieces are crafted from the finest, premium-quality materials. You will find remarkable pieces that can be incorporated into your artificial jewellery set to elevate your appearance.

Let us browse some lovely ways to amp up your looks.

  • If you are looking for a grand Nath, white pearls & Kundan Nath will work well. You can choose from several nose accessories for women with chain extensions for wedding ceremonies. Go for white pearls & Kundan Nath and don them with your lehenga-choli set for a mehndi or sangeet event.
  • Kundan Nath with pearl drops has a trendy urban appeal, making it ideal for a fusion look. You can pick up the best from the store with the most textured details. Floral motifs with colorful enameled petals or bead-studded embellishments are quite common. Pair your nose studs with palazzos and a silk ethnic top.
  • For a more sophisticated look, Nath with a gold finishing and pearl-studded embellishment would be a perfect choice. Ajnaa has the most exquisite ornate Nath, perfect for weddings. Make jewellery online shopping easy with Ajnaa Jewels.
  • FAQs

    Can I wear a nose pin without piercing?

    Yes, you can look for press-on nose pins that don’t require you to need a piercing.

    What looks better: a nose stud or ring?

    A nose stud looks good for every day, whereas a nose ring would look good for events.

    Does the nose pin look good?

    Yes, nose rings bring elegance and shine to the face. They add charm to your face.