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Exquisite Hand Jewellery for Every Occasion - Ajnaa Jewels

People of all gender and class have been sporting hand jewellery since ancient times. Newborns wear black bangles around their wrists to ward off the evil eyes in India. Moreover, hand jewellery is an integral part of the 'solah shringar' for brides on the wedding day.

The wedding season is stressful not just for the bride but also for her entourage. So, to make things a little easier, Ajnaa has some of the most beautiful hand jewellery. With the endless options available on the website, the pressure to look stunning will never be a problem.

Let us resurrect the hand jewellery trend with Ajnaa's stunning statement pieces. It's our helping hand to the admirers of Indian jewellery, with a range of designer bangles, haathphool, rings, and more.

Spruce Up your Jewellery Collection with Fascinating Hand Jewellery

Ajnaa has an immense variety of hand jewellery that can be donned by women of all ages, fashion senses and personal styles. There are many types of artificial gold jewellery, from delicately designed bangles to elegant rings to ethnic haathphool. The sheer variety is an understatement when it comes to Ajnaa hand jewellery.

In the twenty-first century, personal fashion is all about embellishing head to toe with accessories. It is all about mashing up hand jewellery with long necklaces, earrings, pendants, and several other jewellery pieces. Let us explore fascinating hand jewellery offered by Ajnaa Jewels.


The fascinating piece of jewellery dates back to ancient times when it was donned as a rigid bracelet-style accessory. Even now, it holds a special place in every woman's jewellery collection and can lend unrivalled beauty to any ensemble. Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary look, designer bangles will never fail to make your outfit stand out.


It's no secret that the perfect accessory can elevate a good dress into an outstanding one. This is especially true for women, who have a plethora of options when it comes to accessories. In this scenario, it's essential to choose something that's neither too flashy nor too dull. This is why bracelets for women have generally been regarded as the best option.


Weddings and romance have been intertwined with finger rings. Donning rings are considered the finest way to add pizazz to your outfit. This is because rings are easy to wear and come in various styles to suit various events. Ajnaa has a fascinating range of women's wedding rings.


The culture of donning a Kada originates from Sikhism and Islam. Kadas are a popular Indian accessory that matches both traditional and western outfits. You can sport a stylish Kada with glitzy ceremonial lehengas or your regular kurta.


A Haathphool, which translates to "hand flower," is a traditional Indian bridal ornament. A bridal haathphool is considered one of the 'solah shringar' of the traditional Indian bride's attire and is a vital part of the Indian bride's bridal jewellery set.


Are hoops still in trend?

Hoop earrings are very much still in trend. They are a kind of jewellery that can go with almost any event and outfit.


Who should wear hoop earrings?

Anyone can wear hoop earrings. They are suitable for kurtis and indo-western wear. Small hoop earrings go with simple outfits, while larger ones can go with more fancy ones.

How do you wear hoop earrings with other Jewellery?

Hoops complement a wide range of jewellery pieces. They go well with simple necklaces and briar bangles. Ajnaa Jewels have a great variety of hoop earrings and bangles, bracelets and necklaces that can go with them.