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Define Grace by Donning Fascinating Pendants - Ajnaa Jewels

Do you experience a kind of void when you leave your house without your phone? You will feel the same if you don't compliment your outfit with a necklace or a collection of stacked necklaces with pendants for women. Life becomes a lot easier when you have a fascinating collection of pendants as you won't have to worry about wardrobe woes. Even a minimalist piece of the pendant can transform your everyday outfit.

The term 'pendant' comes from the Old French word 'pendre.' It means 'to hang down.' In France, wine, cheese, fashion, poetry, kisses, and pendants were considered small pleasures of a good life.

Pendants, which come in various shapes and functions, were popular among ancient Egyptians. Amulets were donned as pendants as good luck charms and protectors against the evil eye in ancient times.

Ajnaa's pendants collection for women is perfect for every occasion and outfit. If paired with fascinating earrings and head jewellery, nothing can stop you from being the centre of attention.

From minimalist to intricate pieces of jewellery, you will find everything. We revisit traditional designs and fuse them with the vivacity of modern trends, all while adding our inimitable touch. Visit the store to explore a myriad of imitation jewellery online.

Major Types of Pendants for Women

Mangalsutra Pendants

According to Hindu tradition, a mangalsutra is a sacred thread that binds the bride and groom together and solemnises their marriage. Two parallel black and gold beads lines are usually used, with a gold mangalsutra pendant at the end. From pendants to bridal haathphool, Ajnaa has a wide range of jewellery.

Religious Pendants

Jewellery has long been used to symbolise a person's religious beliefs. One of the first known pendant necklace belonged to Charlemagne and featured cross relics and a crown of thorns set in sapphire and gold.

Traditional Pendants

Pendants with a traditional design, such as the Kundan necklace, will always be in vogue. Traditional pendants for women come in a wide range of styles, including motifs of gods, birds, and many more.


How do I choose a pendant?

You should choose the pendant based on the weight and material, as well as whether it goes well with the chain. If you want luxury jewellery, go for an intricate design, whereas if it is for everyday wear, go for simple pendants.

Can you put a pendant on any chain?

You can put a pendant on any chain as long as the style matches and the weight of the pendant does not compromise the chain. If you are looking for pendants and chains that go together, Ajnaa Jewels is a great place to look.

What are the types of pendants?

There are a variety of pendant styles, such as festive pendants, wedding pendants, work-wear pendants, and so many more. If you are looking for pendants and other fancy jewellery online, Ajnaa is a great site to check out.