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Adorn your Neck with Stunning Neckalce and Pendants - Ajnaa Jewels

One of the most popular items in every jewellery collection has to be pendants and necklace for women. They have come a long way in style and popularity, from ancient times to modern-day designs. In ancient times, they were donned as a symbol of power and wealth.

Every individual donned different necklaces in ancient Egypt, with the wealthy having access to precious and semi-precious collars. Ancient India was no exception, with kings and queens wearing neckpieces studded with valuable stones. Necklaces became a significant part of Roman weddings. During the wedding ceremony, brides would wear 'combs,' strings of pearls that symbolised purity and innocence.

Ajnaa Jewels is the perfect destination if you are on the lookout for stunning necklaces and pendants that will spruce up your jewellery collection. The brand has a myriad of jewellery pieces perfect for accentuating your bridal and casual outfits. Furthermore, you can redesign your existing piece, be it an heirloom piece or a choker necklace set. Our designers will elevate its look while keeping the sentimentality intact.

Necklace and Pendants for Every Outfit and Occasion

Choosing your favourite neckpieces is simply the first step in looking attractive and chic. Ajnaa's necklace and pendants for women are dazzling and stylish. These versatile pieces are simple yet sophisticated and can be donned with various outfits. Let us explore the charming collection.

Rani Haar

The Rani Haar is a stunning neckpiece donned only on special occasions. It will be ideal for the bride's wedding jewellery. A Rani Haar jewellery can be categorised as heirloom jewellery since it is crafted of all precious stones and tells a story about one's ancestor, passed down from generation to generation.


As the adage goes, 'old is gold,' and so is fashion. Now that the 'Choker Necklace' trend from the 1990s has resurfaced, it has become a major obsession for women. The choker is a piece of necklace that is donned around the neck. Sport a choker set with your favourite lehenga to flaunt your looks.


The affection a lady has for a necklace is eternal. If you go into her closet, you will find a plethora of necklaces in various styles, patterns, sizes, and colours. Necklaces are universally regarded as a woman's weakness. This is what inspires Ajnaa's designers to design lovely statement and long necklace artificial jewellery for women.


One of the oldest types of bodily adornment, a pendant is donned around the neck. Pendant necklace has maintained an exceptional level of popularity in the early twenty-first century, and they are also used to make a fashion statement. Ajnaa has the most alluring pieces of pendant jewellery.


What is the difference between necklaces and pendants?

Necklaces refer to what dangle around your neck, while pendants are just the add-ons to the chain that slide and reach the centre. Pendants can be changed while the necklace acts as the base.

What chains go best with pendants?

Thin yet sturdy chains go best with pendants because it is easy to remove the pendant, and there is no fear of the chain snapping from the pendant's weight. If you are looking for elegant chains and ethnic necklaces, Ajnaa Jewels can be the perfect shopping for you.

Are pendants heavy?

The weight of the pendant depends on the size and material they are made from. Heavy pendants are considered perfect for grand weddings and festive occasions.